Huwebes, Hulyo 5, 2012

Adventure Rooms

Need an all-in-one place of adventure, relaxation and fine dinning? Don’t fret to any further extent, for we have the right spot for you!

Prince Court Hotel & Suites serves as an oasis of tranquility to guests who seek for rejuvenation in a place with unforgettable ambiance. But for folks who are into voyaging, the adventure rooms of the motel could be their ideal whimsical destinations.

Aesthetically designed with different motifs, these 57 adventure rooms are opened to grant you a fantastic stay in Prince Court Hotel. In addition, Prince Court Express Inn gives you the keys to its 7 more adventure rooms only to satiate your senses on tap.

The Circa1930’s room is one of the motel’s prides for its antique automobile, the Model 61 century Sedan.  It was used as the crib of the guests’ bed placed inside the car breaking their speed limit to a joy ride.

Embellished by a realistic nature-conceived ornamentation, the Rainforest room is also adorned with indigenous frills, giving guests a forest-like feeling.